the known is finite, the unknown infinite

a long way to go, but i have a clear vision

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kata pak hamka,

bebanmu akan berat. jiwamu harus kuat. tetapi aku percaya langkahmu akan jaya.


currently working on a team project.

scrum | devops | git | gradle
js | golang | node.js | restapi
microservice | react | firebase
mongodb | mvc | docker | kuberneres
testing | debugging

academy and certificate

i love building whilst learning a platform. have bunch of udemy, etc.
24 hours seem can't cover them all.
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kata ruli,

dasar adalah elemen yang paling penting dan krusial.

kata ibu,

penyakit hati ngga ada obatnya

kata ruli,

the key is in your daily habbit. it is your power

always books

anne says from her green gables
"isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?


i have a blood deficiency
so im working on
cardio | core | flexibility


i'll be thrilled if you're calling me while visiting palembang

have a great business idea?

let's go profesional


available online in telegram